A Warrior’s Garden is based on the theory of there being a better way to treat for PTSD. Finding a way to heal and without taking 30 different medications that all have side effects of suicidal idealizations. To me it had to do with one thing. “Get up off the couch and take action”.  

Using alternative ways to self-treat. Music, faith, organic gardening, and more. It all started with making a decision to do something about it rather than settle with sitting on the couch and just taking the pills. 

All proceeds from the sale of this shirt go directly to Warfighter Gardens, a 501c3 that focuses on using alternative self-therapy methods for treating PTSD specifically gardening, agriculture, and music therapies. They serve Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders, and their families. Their founders are Malachias Gaskin, author of A Warriors Garden and Retired Army veteran having served 17 years and two Tours in Iraq and Mike Nelson who served 14 years and one tour in Iraq. For more information about the book and nonprofit visit: