“Let me say that there are alot of companies out there now that are trying to sell you something, But B&B is a company that is driven, focused and the owners never forget where they came from!!!! Because of that they try to give back to the guys on the front line (where it counts). They give back with great products, advice, service and motivation and most important plain old fashioned HONESTY!!!! They make the little guy feel like he is part of something bigger then just him and invite him to motivate others or look for that motivation to be better in life!!!! Thank you B&B you help people everyday with your products and company!!! Be honest, be humble, but be badass everyday!!!!!”
Chris R.

“Barbells and badges is a GREAT company and are great at motivating you to workout! If you ever need advice Marc and his wife are there and love helping you to complete your fitness journey. There are also loads of brand reps that would not hesitate to give you motivation as well! This company stands for so much more than just selling motivational clothing and their clothing is very comfortable and feels great to workout in or to wear all day if you like! I would highly recommend checking them out!”
Daniel F.

“If you're looking for motivation, creativity and passion then you've come to the right place. B & B isn't just about first responders...it's about people...it's about life!”
Ken W.

“This company stands for SO much and their apparel and other merchandise is amazing! The shirts are soft and comfy, the tank tops are bright colored and fun! It's a must have for the fitness and every day casual wardrobe. The people are friendly, helpful and accomodating; the service is fantastic! Highly recommend.”
Megs M.

“This company is amazing and has outstanding customer service! I made an error when placing an order and didn't realize it until I received it. They went above and beyond to correct MY mistake and to make sure I was completely satisfied! Im so grateful and I will definitely order from them again!”
Jennifer P.

“I'm a dispatcher in CA and ordered my "Hold the Line" tank a couple of weeks ago. I usually get some sort of nod or wave when I'm out running while wearing it. Last night at the gym a kind woman came up to me to shake my hand and say how much she appreciated our department in the city. Not only are the clothes great quality, but they're also bringing the community together. Customer service was amazing and shipping was FAST. I will definitely be ordering more. Proud to be able to represent while getting my sweat on!”
Kate M.

“I have ordered numerous items and everyone of them fits well and is soft as butter! Every order has arrived quickly. I love what this company supports and my LEO husband and I are proud to wear your clothing!”
Shelly S.

“A great company working for a great cause - first responders & military!!”
Joe S.

“Great quality, fast shipping, awesome look, LEO owned and operated. Gets no better than B&B.”
Emily P.

“Love the people, love the company, love the clothes. Couldn't be prouder to be a part of this organization”
Dillion W.

“I was drawn very strongly to join the Barbells and Badges Team when I saw how supportive they were of the Law Enforcement lifestyle and how hard the company works to promote healthy and active lifestyles among LEO's . Ive seen so many police officers over the years slowly let themselves go due to crazy hours, shift work and the enormous amount of stress and pressure that is placed on them every single day on and off duty. It isn't just a career field it has to be a lifestyle and Barbells and Badges brings that mentality to the fitness lifestyle letting officers, their families and civilians know that if you work hard enough and want something bad enough you can get there. You can accomplish your dreams. The company reached out to me at one of the hardest times of my life while I was struggling to hold onto life and my leg and ultimately had to get an amputation. They stood by me and motivated me to work harder and helped me realize that I could not only accomplish my goals but push others to work harder. To stop making excuses and WISHING you could accomplish what someone else has. To go out and work for it and EARN IT!”
Maximilian L.

I had followed Barbells & Badges for sometime and was very much impressed with their products, and the quality of their products. But more importantly, their support for law enforcement the fact that they promote fitness, and that they support and encourage one another and make it feel like one big family. Going through the struggles of cancer and chemo, I have been given unwavering support from them, their other reps, and the community that support them. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by these amazing people.
Michelle G.

“From the very beginning Marc and his wife believed in me to become a hard working police officer and a motivated athlete. This company truly cares about its brothers and sisters and pushing each other to get or stay in shape for the better of their lives. I believe in the people within this company and I love all the first responders, their families and supporters we've encouraged and motivated to do something they didn't think they could. We can all be better, but there's something to say about surrounding yourself with people who positively encourage hard work.”
Lena W.

“I loved the idea of combining fitness and law enforcement. And since both are a big part of my life, it just made sense to check out their gear and I was happy and flattered to have the opportunity to jump on board. I run the gym where I work and I try to get people motivated to get in there, in whatever capacity works for them.”
Sarah F.

“Being a part of Barbells and Badges brings pride to me. I support those who work hard and can bring a positive light in everyones' lives around them. When you like to motivate others who had never believed in themselves before, or if you know someone who needs that extra reason to get up, Barbells and Badges is there to support you and truly means you! Being a company that began from bringing support and recognition for their very own LEO who died in the line duty, to now continuing to inspire and motivate all first responders and their supporters daily means so much! I'm a believer in building strong minds and strong bodies, in the unity of one team one mission, and that is why I take pride in being a part of Barbells and Badges!”
Amber W.

“Without a doubt, it is the motivation and connections I have made. Being a running rat, I was not that comfortable hitting the weights, but this team definitely pushes me to do so. It is another family for me and I love being part of it!”
Jennifer W.

“I love the apparel and the effort the company puts forth for charity. I also found myself following more and more reps on social media for motivation.”
Samantha S.

“I wasn't really big into posting on IG much or social media, but once I started searching and found out there was company's out there like Barbells and Badges, I started following them and saw all the great things they represented, how they reach out to help others, and the motivation they post daily. I was amazed and loved it. I first got featured by Barbells and Badges in 2015, and that sparked a fire in me and motivated me like crazy to kick ass in the gym. I got to know the owners of B&B, which are very hard working and amazing people. They support others and feature people from all over the world and are way more than just an apparel company. The first time I put on a B&B shirt I loved it. The fit felt like it was made for me and the quality was soft and never wanted to wear another workout shirt.”
David W.

“Barbells and Badges is Important to Me as I truly miss 'team sports'. I've been a part of the most important team (Law Enforcement) for the last 9 years as a Police Officer. Barbells and Badges brings us ALL together as one, allowing us to inspire and motivate. The Support for the Thin Blue Line Family is incredible and for that I'm proud to be apart of Barbells and Badges.”
Tony D.

“I joined the Barbells and Badges team to help show support for the LEO's and first responders who have worked to keep myself and the people I love safe. I owe my life to one investigator in particular and I will never stop showing my support because I am thankful for the selflessness I was shown during that time. I have followed the company on Instagram for a while now and seeing their active involvement and how supportive and motivating all of the athletes are was extremely inspiring. Also, have you seen the awesome apparel?! It was a really easy decision to make.”
Lori S.

“I love what you guys represent! I love that you support not only fitness but the Thin Blue Line Family! Being part of Barbells and Badges family and seeing all the positive motivation people bring is awesome! I have met some really great people.”
Derek P.

“This brand and company reflects everything I stand for, support and motivation for first responders and other like minded people. Barbells and Badges has shown me support and friendship from day 1. “
Amber T.

“I was excited to become a part of Barbells and Badges because of the overall message they stand for in the public service community. B&B was established to help inspire first responders to be the best they can be. Since that establishment, B&B has helped to inspire, not only first responders, but also the communities which support those in public service. How could you not want to be a part of a brand like that?”
Casey M.

“Barbells and Badges stuck out to me because they are a local company that supports our men and women in blue. I love that B&B isn't just for police, but for all first responders such as military and fire fighters. We are all fighting for the same cause. We have to support each other!”
Reilly B

“Having a career in corrections I work closely with law enforcement, as well as having friends and family in the field. I love that this company not only supports first responders but preaches living a healthy and active lifestyle!”
Jacqui G.

“I've always been a huge supporter of Law Enforcement, and I love everything Barbells and Badges does and is about!”
Christine C.

“How about the fact that I wasn't a part of B & B haha! No seriously, connection and purpose are big for me. Ego and arrogance are poor qualities but humility and appreciation are worthwhile. I saw the involvement, purpose and passion in B&B so I'm home as long as they'll have me.”
Kenneth W.

“I chose to throw my hat in with Barbells and Badges because I believe in their philosophy of using positivity and encouragement to build others up. I support their mission of spreading the benefits of fitness to first responders.”
A.J. K.

“I first saw Barbells and Badges on social media so I looked up the company to see what they were about. When I learned what they stood for and why they started, I loved the idea and knew it was something I wanted to be apart of. I love the fact that they want to keep everyone motivated about working out and that is especially important being a first responder. I love being able to reach out to others and either get them going or keep them on the right track towards their goals.”
Michelle G.

“I wanted to be a part of B&B because it's the perfect combination of things I'm passionate about. Law Enforcement and fitness! It's positive and motivating in this crazy world where things are getting down right ugly! The t-shirts are the best feeling and I love what they represent! Also you have some bad ass reps to draw motivation from.”
Rachael S.

“I love the message behind the brand. I feel as a first responder it's our duty to be in shape to the point we can watch each other's back effectively. Plus the shirts are awesome.”
Scott K.

“I loved the fact that you guys are not afraid to be proud of being a company that is pro law enforcement. That is becoming a rare thing for companies these days.”
Jeremy S.

“Last year, I started looking through Instagram and looking for different people to follow who were motivated and into working out. I won’t lie. I am selective in my followings. I was looking for military and/or law enforcement back based companies and people. People and companies I can relate to and respect. I came across Barbells and Badges and fell in love. I fell in love with the amount of motivation this company offers. It’s not just about the gear and apparel, as awesome as it is, this company has a No Excuses mentality and I LOVE that. I love the constant support for its athletes, reps and followers. There are so many people with this company who motivate me on a daily basis, I get so much motivation from this group. Barbells and Badges has really selected some great people to represent them and I could not be more proud to be a part of this family.”
Kelly H.

“Seeing what this company stands for and the unwavering support amongst their athletes and reps. It was beyond refreshing to find a company that shares the same values and ethics that I do.”
Eric H.

“When I discovered this company existed I followed them on social media. I observed the following and major support from all the followers. I saw what the company stood for, about that constant drive to stay as safe as possible being a first responder. I saw how working out and inspiring others to do the same is contagious. The Barbells and Badges movement was an instant no brainer for me. I was lucky enough to be apart of their Sponsored athlete group, which humbled me. I am happy with the constant hard work I see online from all the followers. Man there are some awesome people in our field that really get after it. I love the no excuse mentality, we find a way to get after it and stay on top of our fitness even with the crazy hours. This company is more than t shirts and sales, it has owners and followers that really care. I love being apart of the Barbells and Badges movement and hope to continue to inspire more to continue to workout, because you all sure do inspire me to continue to workout...the Barbells and Badges movement is team work at its finest and I am proud to be apart of it.”
Brian S.

“I love what they stand for. And that they give back to the community and people. The charity work is a big motivator for me to want to represent them. And help promote the brand. Also encouraging physical fitness among law enforcement is huge. It really is your own or your partners life at risk if your unfit for duty. Plus I like the shirts. They're awesome.”
Jon C.

“I first saw Barbells and Badges at Police Week 2016. Loved the shirt (still have it), loved the logo so when I got home I looked it up and really loved the focus of the company. I'm so proud to be a first responder so I see a group of people working hard to give us a platform to inspire others to keep setting and reaching for their goals I want to be a part of that as much as possible.”
Esli K.

“I know and understand what a struggle it can be to maintain a level of physical fitness while working odd hours, not having healthy food options at work and juggling family life all at the same time. We need to support, motivate and encourage each other to maintain the best level of fitness and health that we can. I love that Barbells and Badges shares this message. I am also a huge fan of all the gear!”
Kelly O.

“I love being a cop and I love lifting weights. Barbells and Badges seemed to be something I would like to be a part of and represent to hopefuly get more cops back in the gym and/or push themselves a little more in the gym. Our very lives may depend on it 1 day.”
Danny D.

I am just a guy who trains to stay alive, and I love to compete just to keep me focused in the gym and for my sanity in this world. I only rep this company because I love the clothes... so does my wife. And, beyond that... it doesn't matter which line... blue, red, yellow, or green... we're family and this is my family's business.
Chris B.

“I became part of Barbells and Badges because it's community that is not only LEO owned, but a community that supports one another and pushes you to grow. We share success and are able to push one another to grow.”
Stephanie C.

“I came across Barbells and Badges one day as I was scrolling through my feed. I loved what the company stood for and how they promoted fitness and LE support. It was the best of two worlds. I got to know more about the company and realized we had similar visions. Mindset and strength is how I'm successful in life. This company stands for that. “
Michaela B.

“I wanted to be apart of a group of like minded athletes. The brotherhood/sisterhood of the law enforcement family is awesome, and I love the motivation we give each other. We're a little different than the general population and barbells and badges gets that. We workout to survive and come home to our families.”
Meagan C.

“What drew me to Barbells and Badges was their message to inspire and motivate people to be the best versions of themselves and push towards their goals everyday. I want to break the old stereotype of the lazy donut munching police officer and spread the importance of physical fitness as a first responder. We run towards the danger and are held to a higher standard, we are the real life superheroes. I have always been an ambassador of fitness (my college teammates and squadmates will reassure you) and I knew this is a brand and company that I can stand behind.”
Mark C.

“The motivation! I saw what Marc and the other Reps were about, and it just pushes me to want to be better, when I see other people doing so well, and making huge progress!”
Kevin S.

“I love both barbells & badges! I love what the company stands for, the message, and the community. The idea of bringing together strong, like minded people to inspire each other is a great idea.”
Stephanie H.

“I love supporting a company that provides so much motivation to first all responders. That and the fact that your stock is ever-changing keeping everything fresh all the time.”
Sandy D.

“I truly respect what the brand represents. I served my country for 20 years and support those who serve the community.”
Adam T.

“My fiancé is a police officer and I just see all the lack of support law enforcement gets, so I wanted to be a part of something like this that supports all first responders. I love showing my support for him and for all the others.”
Carly K.

“I wanted to become a part of this organization because I support and feel so strongly about law enforcement and the individuals that put their lives on the line for us each and every day, and its part of my future with criminal justice!”
Krystal B.

“I wanted to be a part of the BB family because I want to promote a healthy lifestyle to other law enforcement officers. Although our line of work is demanding, our health is a priority and we must treat it as such. I see a lot of overweight officers, and I'd that to change because this job is stressful both mentally and physically.”